Hibernate ORM Tool

A simple development tool wrapper for hibernate from one developer to another.

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Motivations and Reasons to Use

nw.orm aims at simplifying development work and reducing code repetitions.


Tired of always setting up hibernate in you new project? Always writing and rewriting similar set of codes for business logic with hibernate. Nw.orm saves you a lot of work and provides simple ways for using hibernate to access your data. It basically lets you focus on your project.


Nw.orm provides a uniform interface for manipulating hibernate. Subtle differences in developer implementations can be bad for the project if not properly thought out. Maintain implementation uniformity with nw.orm.

Multi Database

Worried about working with multiple databases? Nw.orm makes it easy. All that will be required is to initialize nw.orm with the proper hibernate configuration file.


Nw.orm provides base utilities for easily getting you started. Check out the getting started page and javadoc pages for what it offers

Unified Interface

Simple and intuitive approach to querying the database using hibernate.